Recommended a completely free office productivity suite——Kingsoft Office(free)

      Kingsoft Office  is a completely free office productivity suite.It is from China,included which includes three programs that reflect the different purposes and tasks required in any working/personal environment. These are:

   Writer - fully equipped modern word processor; (MS office  word)

   Presentation - create effective multimedia presentations; (MS office ppt)

   Spreadsheets - handles all your data processing and analysis requirements.((MS office excel))

   OS:Windows Android Iphone/Ios/Ipad linux

  official website (Chinese)



   Down ( english,Japanese,Russian,French…… )

   Currently, the free version only can be used for personal or some non-profit organization inculding The Red Cross, churches, schools, environmental groups.

   For company, government or other profit organizations, they should buy the professional version.

   Kingsoft Office Free is a revolutionary office suite with a small size of only 36.4MB. It is the culmination of 20 years of award winning software engineering experience and is quite stable and reliable.

  Although it is a free suite, Kingsoft Office comes with many innovative features, including a paragraph adjustment tool, and multiple tabbed feature. It also has Office to PDF converter, automatic spell checking and word count features.  

kingsoft for mobile/pad

  System Requirements for kingsoft

  Windows PC

  Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista(32bit,64bit) / Windows 7(32bit,64bit)

  CPU: Pentium II 266 MHz or higher

  Memory: at least 128 MB

  Hardware: at least 200 MB available space


  Recommended Configurations:

  CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz or higher

  Memory: 256 MB or larger

  Hardware: 250 MB available


  Kingsoft has devoted over two decades to the development of user-friendly software, customer-oriented services and the best office software.

king office for 2012 style




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